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【NEWS】what is a digital voice recorder

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What is digital voice recorder?

Digital voice recorder is a device that converts sound, such as speech and other sounds, into a digital file that can be moved from one electronic device to another, played back by a computer, tablet or smartphone and stored like any other digital file. Just as with any digital file, you can send copies to relatives, burn copies to CDs or DVDs and use the audio files as backgrounds to video or slideshow image presentations. For example, you can make a digital recording of your grandmother and then add the digital audio recording as the background to a slide show showing images from her life. Using the proper software tools, digital audio can also be enhanced and edited like any other digital file.


One of the largest markets for digital audio devices is the business world where people use digital audio devices to take notes and dictate letters, memos and other correspondence to assistants for transcribing. The development of digital voice recorders has been significantly influenced by the previous generations of dictating equipment from IBM, Dictaphone and other manufacturers. But today’s electronic digital voice recorders have moved far beyond mere dictation into the world of high-quality sound recording.


All of these compact audio recording devices use flash memory. Some of them use various types of removable memory but some are limited to the built-in memory. Generally, the more expensive models have both built-in memory and the ability to store files on flash memory cards.One important feature that is absolutely necessary is the ability to connect the device to a computer to transfer audio files. This feature is present in nearly all the current digital voice recorders, but some of the very inexpensive ones may lack this feature.


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