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Benefits of Using a Voice Recorder Throughout Your Day

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You Can Talk Faster Than You Can Write

Have you ever tried “writing” an essay, book, or article by speaking it instead of typing first? It’s much quicker, and a fantastic way to avoid staring blankly at a white page until the words “just come.” For some, mental activity mimics physical activity, so speaking into your recorder while in motion–on your treadmill or on a walk–could get your creativity flowing.


You Will Never Forget an Important Thought You Have

Ingenious ideas don’t always strike at the most convenient times. You could be crawling at a glacial pace in rush hour traffic when that ah-hah moment hits. Instead of fishing through your bag for a pen (lipliner or eyeliner if you’re feeling desperate and clever), drifting into rush hour pals’ rides, tap that record button and keep both hands on the wheel.


You Are Able to Save Important Information While On-The-Go

In this juggling act we call modern life, efficiency hacks are welcomed with open arms. Say you hop off an important call with exactly five minutes before your next coffee meeting down the road. Don’t stop to write down the highlights of that call. You don’t have time for that. Walk and talk out the important points. Better yet, strut. Because you’re killing the productivity game.


Instead of Reading, You Get to Listen to Your Ideas

The eye fatigue is real. Give those screen-weary peepers a breather and hit the playback button to review your audio. If you like what you hear and want to have it in writing, services like Rev will transcribe it into text for only $1.25 per audio minute. Rev’s Voice Recorder app lets you do it all with a tap of a button.

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